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Simple Tips to Encourage Your Child to Play & Practice A Musical Instrument!

Does your child show an interest in music? As we all know, playing a musical instrument has many benefits for children. Music is very effective for relaxation and stress management. According to research, children who take music lessons outperform their nonmusical peers in academics and have higher overall IQ scores.

Young children may enjoy singing along to a favourite song or dancing to a favourite music. Joining a musical lesson is not enough to learn any instrument; it takes time, dedication, discipline and concentration. Once you have paid for the lessons, you want your child to make the most of it. Children, on the other hand, are easily distracted and get bored. Ensuring your child practices their musical instrument properly can be tough and frustrating. They feel more frustrated when you nag them to practice.

Here are some helpful tips to encourage your child to practice their music lessons:

Let Your Child Choose Their Instrument:

If you are a music enthusiast and you want it to pass to your children, the first thing you should do is to integrate music into their everyday life. If your child sees that music is important to you, it would be easier for them to love it.

However, just because you are a pianist or loved playing piano in your childhood doesn't mean your child will also love playing the same. The child may have other interests. Let them choose their favorite one. Give them a set of musical instruments and let them experiment with a variety of sounds.

It is not necessary to buy all kinds of musical instruments, renting them is fine. For young children even musical toys are sufficient. You can also take your child to a local music shop to see which one excites your child the most.

Sometimes they may get bored with the instrument they choose at first. Don't let them give up, try a different instrument.

Don't pay too much attention to your child's practice. Avoid being overly critical. You should encourage them to express themselves through music and appreciate their efforts without thinking about the results.

Give Them Extra Space for Practice:

As the child grows up, you should provide a music room for your child to practice. You can decorate this room with music-themed items. Let them determine their own practice schedule.

Get Involved & Praise Them:

Listening to music with your kids can help them a lot. At this time you can talk about the song, singer, composer or the instruments used.

You should take interest in your child's music lessons too. Talk with them about the music they are currently working on or ask about any new musical skills they learned recently.

It's also possible that despite numerous attempts, children are unable to play the instrument. During those frustrating times, you should stay with them with encouraging words. When you are with them to sing their praises, the child will most likely impress you with the new skill they have been working on. It's also vital to make positive comments about their progress. You can also use a reward system to encourage your child to practice. An example is offering rewards if your child can play a challenging melody without making a mistake. Asking them to practice every night this week and rewarding them for their efforts is also a fantastic idea. By offering rewards like toys, books, games, a trip to the park, for achieving small milestones, you can motivate your child to practice more.

It should be remembered that you should praise the effort the child puts into learning the instrument, instead of their talent. Music is a shared activity. Performing before an audience will give them the opportunity to showcase their talent. Allot special times for your children's performances. Encourage them to perform at family occasions, school functions as well as competitions. This makes them take practice more seriously.

Take Them to Concerts:

Educate your child that playing a musical instrument is a special privilege. The more your child knows about the world of music, the more likely they are to develop a strong interest in it. So, whenever possible, take them to a live music event. There are also music-related museums where they can learn about the evolution of various musical instruments.

Let Your Child Select the Music They Play:

Give children the freedom to choose the music that they enjoy playing. Children are often much more excited to play the songs they listen to. Introduce your child to a diverse selection of music genres and figure out what kind of music they would like to play. Don't limit to classical music, but keep your playlist creative with also jazz, rock, folk, techno, salsa, tango etc. Keep in mind that the current selection may not be their final choice; their music taste may change in the future.

Find the Right Teacher:

Finding the right teacher is very important. Best teachers encourage and criticize your child while also knowing how to be a good friend to them. They should be fully supportive of their efforts, and maintain a high degree of motivation. A qualified instructor will guarantee that your youngster learns the right technique for playing the instrument. He or she has the ability to persuade your child to practice on a regular basis.

If you want to encourage your child to learn musical instruments, there are a number of great online resources. Art Gharana is one of the largest online platforms where your child can get trained in the musical instrument of their choice through live online classes. Individual attention will be given to each student with a one-on-one training structure, which really helps them build skills. Highly skilled and experienced teachers are here to help with the thrilling world of music.

Musical education never stops; there is always more to learn and explore. Art Gharana offers classes in Keyboard, Guitar, Tabla, Djembe, Congo, Ukulele, Flute, Handsonic, Punjabi Dhol, Sarangi, Violin and many others, in a fun and engaging environment.

We believe that every child is unique. To learn more about how the children can achieve their goals through live online classes, just go to and book a free musical instrument trial class.

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