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Early childhood is the best time to embark on a journey of learning. A child learns to draw before it learns to write. Children today are born into technology and for the lack of the right opportunity at the right time end up spending all their precious years on tablets and laptops.

Art appeals to the senses. Learning an art form brings one closer to the natural world, a much needed respite in the modern era of robots and microchips. Art sets the mind free, and once one comes in touch with one’s senses, there is no limit to the feats achievable.

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Gharana Offerings


We bring under one roof instrumentalists from all over the country. We offer training in a range of instruments from the Guitar to the Sitar, from the Flute to the Tabla.


Art Gharana equips learners with varied perspectives as we aim to hone their skills for them to grow into wholesome artists with a broader world view


Singers desirous of honing their skills, looking for a medium for an in-depth knowledge of the various styles of singing, and an expert to guide them, makes for the multifaceted platform that Art Gharana is.


Dance connects the artist with the body and the soul. Art Gharana provides technical and practical knowledge of various dance forms like Kathak, Bharatnatyam, and the list goes on.

Chess Pieces

At Art Gharana we soothe your soul with the calmness of music and we also train your brain by bringing together some of the masters here.

Traditional Indian Drums

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  • Classes for all Age groups

  • Highly trained and experienced teachers

  • 100% live online classes

  • Complete flexibility with peace of mind

  • Any time cancellation policy

  • Individual and group classes

  • Periodic progress report of students

  • Art Gharana Certification

  • Certification from Trinity College of London (Optional)

  • Certification from Indian Universities (Optional)