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Benefits Of Learning Tabla For Kids & Adults | Art Gharana

Tabla is an ancient, but still very popular Indian drum. It is often used in the Hindustani classical music tradition of North India and Pakistan. The tabla consists of two drums that are played with both hands.

Just like any other instrument, it has its benefits for both kids and adults! In this blog post today we will talk about what those advantages are, so let’s get started.

Advantages Of Playing Tabla For Kids

* Academic Success

Learning to play tabla can help your kid develop overall mental fitness as it brings concentration and sharpens focus. It also complements studies, physical activity, creativity skills such as art or music composition!

It also helps in developing important life activities like self-discipline - (one thing that children need more than ever these days with all their electronics culture at hand everywhere they go)

* Accelerates Brain Development

The research has found that playing tablas or drums can help with overall intelligence by increasing cognitive processing abilities which is crucial for solving problems creatively; this includes the ability to comprehend symbolic information such as language comprehension skills among others.

*Builds Rhythm Skills

Playing rhythms improves listening skills and also increases kids’ ability to focus for extended periods. Teens, in particular, are known to have a harder time focusing because they're constantly distracted by their phones, but playing music together helps everyone stay present.

*Improves Self-Confidence

Tabla is a wonderful tool for music lovers. Kids can learn how to play it, which will help them develop self-confidence in themselves when they are on stage or playing with other musicians later down the line.

Advantages of Playing Tabla For Adults

*Effective Stress Reliever

Tabla has been proven to be an effective stress reliever because it helps elevate our mood and feelings. Learning new things tricks your brain into feeling calmer too!

The instrument serves as both entertainments for people who want something more creative than just watching TV or listening on their phones. It acts as a mental escape during those tough moments where we all feel overwhelmed at one point or another

*Engaging Hobby

The Tabla is the perfect accompaniment for your songs. It will never get boring, and your fingers will always be ready to accompany any song with sheer perfection and you don’t even need a tabla for it. Even on the office desk or at home - no matter where you play music all day long.

*Better Sense Of Well-Being

Tabla music is a healing art that has been used for centuries to calm the mind and give a sense of wellbeing. It can lower blood pressure, relieve stress, and helps sleep better at night.

*Cultural Awareness

Tabla is a world-renowned musical instrument that brings together people from different cultures and backgrounds.

*Creates Special Bond

Music is one of the most powerful forms of expression. It can bring people together in a way that no other form can. The bond between family members can be strengthened through music, specifically when sharing an instrument or playing it together.

Online Tabla Classes At Art Gharana

The One-To-One Live tabla classes at Art Gharana are perfect for anyone looking to learn the basics of this ancient instrument. At Art Gharana, our in-house professionals are highly trained in their art and they seek to deliver quality education in their student’s musical journey.

Our classes are conducted on an online platform so this makes it easier for you to take up our classes from literally anywhere around the world.

We also believe that there is no right age to begin learning so irrespective of how old you are, as long as you have that desire and fire within you to learn something new, you’re at the right place here with us.

We look forward to having you as a part of our family.

Happy Learning!

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