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Thirumalesh R

Piano (English, Kannada, Tamil)


Thirumalesh is an enthusiastic music teacher with a passion for spreading awareness about music through instrumental knowledge and training. With 5+ years of experience in music playing and teaching music theory, he has taught students of all age groups. He has prepared his students for Music exams conducted by Trinity College London, with all of his students passing in distinction and merit.
Thirumalesh has also trained students for stage shows in groups and solo performances by composing new music. Along with teaching, he also composes his own music and works on music production. He has released albums and cover songs, and has a YouTube channel.
Thirumalesh's educational qualifications include a Grade 1 in music theory from Trinity College London, a Grade 3 in electronic keyboards from Trinity College London, and keyboard knowledge from Natyalaya. He has also worked as a musician in the Dhrushya skit team.
His key skills include notation reading, instrument playing, chord chart building, instrument instruction, lesson planning, knowledge of musical elements, knowledge of recording equipment, listening skills, lesson scheduling, and enthusiasm and friendliness. So, he is an excellent music teacher to learn music.

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