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Tejesh Patil

Guitarist( Classic, Bass), Ukelele


A graduate in classical and vocal light music, Tejesh Patil has been a part of the music industry for over six years. While he has only been teaching music for two years, the techniques he has developed to make the learning process easier and fun can be considered a musical innovation.

Tejesh has an insatiable thirst for learning to play musical instruments, and his love for the guitar began when he saw someone playing it in school. He soon mastered the guitar and added the Ukulele to his repertoire.

Tejesh believes that teaching is not just the dissemination of knowledge, but a two-way channel where everyone involved learns from each other. He says that this teaching-learning process makes one a better human being.

Tejesh loves music with all his heart and feels blessed to be a music teacher. He says there is nothing better in life than earning your bread and butter through something you love, which makes life purposeful.

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