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Sanjay Wadhwani

Dance (English, Hindi)


Teaching dance for the last ten years, Sanjay has choreographed dance performances for a plethora of schools, colleges and corporate events, along with attending training workshops throughout the country.
Specialization in Western dance styles, Bollywood, Semi Classical, and contemporary, Sanjay has an undying will to learn. He is one of those artists who work on their craft even in their free time. His quest to learn more each day adds the extra edge to his art, as he continues to experiment with new moves.
He always knew he had a dancer inside him, lurking in a corner, waiting to show itself to the world. The moment of revelation came in 2005 when Sanjay participated in a group dance at the annual function of his school. It was that day when his journey truly began. It was the moment of realization of his true calling.
But all wasn’t a bed of roses for Sanjay. He underwent intense training for three years before he finally got an opportunity to choreograph for a group. He looks up to his dance teachers and considers them his true inspiration. He ardently believes that it is his zeal for dance that enables him to engage with individuals eager to learn. Sanjay’s passion for dance is infectious, indeed, as he awaits his practice sessions with baited breath to break free.

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