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Roland Parreno

Piano, Electric Guitar, Saxophone (English)


Roland is a talented musician with 20 years of experience in the industry. He has worked with Jerson Trinidad, The Voice of Australia, as a musician, saxophonist, and backup vocalist. In addition to his musical career, Roland has also graduated with a degree in business administration.

One of Roland's greatest achievements is his ability to travel the world as a cruise ship musician and music teacher. He has worked with students in China and has performed at various places across China, the Philippines, and Malaysia.

Roland is a skilled pianist, electric guitarist, and saxophonist, proficient in playing tenor, alto, and soprano saxophones. He is also skilled in playing the flute and clarinet, and has strong western vocals. Despite his years of experience as a musician, Roland is always looking to learn something new and perfect his craft.

He believes that every piece of music is a masterpiece, and works hard to make sure his performances reflect this belief.With 15 years of experience teaching music, Roland is a valuable asset to any musical institution. His passion and dedication to his craft make him a great teacher and performer.

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