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Rajiv Joshi

Guitarist (English, Hindi)


A commerce graduate, Rajiv has an extraordinary passion for music. With an experience of over three decades of teaching the guitar, he is not only an expert in the field of music but also understands the psyche of learners, providing them with an environment where they can open up.

A well known name in Bhopal, Rajiv is always surrounded with students zealous in more ways than one. Part of their zeal comes from their contact with Rajiv, who has dedicated his life to music. His passion is absolutely infectious.
Rajiv wasn’t always inclined towards the guitar. At the age of 14 he had some idea of playing the harmonium. Around the same time when his older brother quit learning the guitar and abandoned the guitar that he had owned, Rajiv picked it up and tried playing it despite the single string that remained intact and managed to play a one line of a song on the broken guitar itself.
The amount of hard work he put in during the learning process is unmatchable. But Rajiv believes that learning is a lifetime process. His indomitable spirit is inspiring indeed. Many a times inspite of losing all hope he continued playing until he perfected the art. His gigs with orchestra programs kept him going.
In 1988 he started his guitar classes with a single student, which owing to Rajiv’s passion for music went on to grow beyond leaps and bounds. Today, the thousands of students who have trained under him have gone on to become teachers, musicians and great singers.

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