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Purnima Sharma

Vocalist (Hindi)


Purnima completed her masters in vocal music from KRG College in 2015. She has a Vid in music from the Bharatiya Sangeet Mahavidyalay in Gwalior and a Kovid in music from Madhav Sangeet Mahavidyalaya. She has been teaching music for over six years.

A regular performer at Doordarshan, Akashvani stage program, Purnima has won several awards for her music. She has had the honour of performing at the Tansen Samaroh in Gwalior in the Group Dhrupad Gayan in 2016.
Purnima started learning music as a child under Shri Haridas Parihar. After training under her guru, she went on to get a formal degree in music. With her belief in the power of knowledge, she continued to train under Shri Sanjay Devle during her graduation and post graduation. It is this passion for music and an unquenchable thirst for knowledge that makes Purnima the brilliant musician and teacher that she is. She believes in instilling the same values in her students for not only a good career in music but a fulfilling and content life also.
Having had a passion for music since the very inception, Purnima always knew that she wanted to make a career in it. Taking inspiration from stalwarts like Lata Mangeshkar, Kaushiki Chakravati, Pt. Jasraj, Pt. Bhim Sen Joshi, she has made a mark for herself and enjoys the process thoroughly.

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