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Prerna Agrawal

Kathak Guru (English, Hindi)


Prerna is trained in Kathak in the Lucknow and the Jaipur Gharana. She holds a post graduate degree in Kathak from Raja Mansingh Toman University in Gwalior.

An experience of teaching Kathak for over two decades, Nritya Prabhakar from Prayag Sangeet Samiti in Allahabad, she is a woman of many talents and her passion for the dance form is unmatched. Prerna is one of those women who lifts other women up and takes them on a journey of liberation. Learners at her dance institute range from young girls, homemakers, and women working in a plethora of fields in the public sphere. She is a flag bearer of woman empowerment in the true sense, giving them a space to express their innermost feelings and desires through dance.
Back as a kid, not a single object was spared in the house that did not dance with her. Her grandfather, who watched her dance day in and day out, with delight saw the light of passion for dance in her eyes. It was in that moment that a star was born.
Practicing the dance form for the last forty years, Prerna’s love for the dance form is unmatched. Every time she smiles, she radiates brightness and joy, a joy that she experiences every time she is on the dance floor with her ghungroo tied neatly around her ankles.
Prerna feels that learning is a continuous process and she evolves into a better version of herself when she learns something new every day. She thoroughly enjoys cooking, reading and gardening. She is an ardent supporter of human rights and regularly engages in social work.

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