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Nitin Bodana

Vocalist (Hindi, English)


Nitin is a multi-talented musician with skills in vocal instruction, audio editing, singing, writing, and performance. He has a strong educational background in music, having completed a Sangeet Prabhakar in Hindustani Shastriya Sangeet and a Senior Diploma in Bhav Sangeet from Prayag University in Allahabad.

In 2021, Nitin began his career as a sound engineer and music producer at Rockfarm Studios in Ujjain, where he has been working on a range of multi-genre songs, spiritual bhajans, and Bollywood tracks.

Nitin has also been teaching music at Rockfarm School of Music since 2018, where he has trained over 100 students of all ages. He has enjoyed sharing his knowledge with students ranging from children to senior citizens and has gained valuable experience in the field of music education.

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