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Nisha Sharma

Bollywood Dance Teacher (English, Hindi)


Nisha holds a five year visharad in Kathak and Manipuri dance. She has been teaching Bollywood dance for the last fifteen years and has been a mentor to close to fifty thousand students belonging to a diverse age group.

Nisha entered the field of dance at the mere age of eleven. Discovering her love and passion for dance so early in life, she did not have to think twice before choosing to take it up professionally. A Bollywood dance choreographer for commercial events, weddings and functions, Nisha has worked in TV shows, daily soaps, and a Hollywood film. A creative being at the core, Nisha is fond of painting, art and craft.
When she was a little girl, watching her dance at family functions and social gatherings gave her parents immense satisfaction. Despite having no connection with the world of dance, Nisha’s family encouraged her to participate in a dance competition. Winning the first prize from among a group of over two thousand participants was one of the happiest moments of Nisha’s life.
Nisha gives credit to her success in the field of dance to talent, and her dedication from a young age, but most importantly to the support of her family who stood by her like a rock no matter how tough the going got. Today, Nisha is one of the most coveted dance teachers in all of Gwalior city in Madhya Pradesh in India.
If there’s one thing that Nisha can do all day long without exhaustion or boredom, it is dance and that became one of the major reasons for her to choose this field as her profession. A passionate dancer, who has built her empire all by herself.

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