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Nancy Garg

Bollywood Dance, Hip-hop, Zumba (English, Hindi)


Nancy is a talented and experienced dance instructor specializing in hip hop, semi classical, and bollywood urban freestyle styles. With over 10 years of teaching experience, she is skilled in instructional techniques and class leadership, and is focused on correct posture, technique, and core strength. Nancy also has a background in yoga, aerobics, and zumba training and is comfortable teaching all age groups.

Throughout her career, Nancy has worked as a dance teacher in various settings, including SDVM Jr. Wing in Panipat and Prayaas International School, where she held the position of HOD. She currently runs her own studio, SHREE HARI DANCE MANIA, where she teaches a range of dance styles to students of all ages and abilities.

She is known for her ability to create a healthy and safe learning environment for all students, and for her excellent communication skills with both students and parents. Nancy holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from SD College in Panipat.

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