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Meena Jangra

Art & Craft Teacher (English, Hindi, Haryanvi)


A Master's degree in fine arts from Kurukshetra University adds to the wide knowledge that Meena Jangra has in the field of art and craft. While her degree has equipped her technically, her experience of over nine years makes her a perceptive artist with a vision beyond the ordinary.
As a little child, drawing landscapes and cartoons was a great fascination for her. The appreciation she received from her teachers spurred her passion for art, and she ended up choosing fine arts as her major subject in higher classes. Once she was acquainted with the nuances of fine arts, there was no looking back. Teaching comes naturally to Meena.
Organizing art camps while pursuing her studies thrilled her to the core. Later, when her father presented her portfolio at her college and got her admitted to the fine arts course, her passion seamlessly transformed into her profession. Meena cannot imagine a life without her artwork. It is the most important ingredient for a happy, fulfilling life for her. Drawing inspiration from her teacher, she is on a quest to create new and extraordinary work every day of her life.

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