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Mahima Jain

Guitarist, Keyboardist (English, Hindi)


Mahima holds the Sangeet Prabhakar diploma, and has performed at various social and corporate events. An expert in Keyboard and the Guitar, she has been teaching the instruments for over two years.

Mahima started her musical journey with the guitar. Not only is it an instrument that she chose to teach and play professionally, but playing it is also her favourite hobby and calms her down greatly. She has been passionate about music ever since she was a child. Back in school, every time carols were sung for Christmas celebration, Mahima would be in the front row singing. Singing competitions at school were the most cherished events of her school life. From thereon she started training in vocal music, then added the guitar to her music lessons, and the journey of learning to play new musical instruments continues to this day.
Mahima never thought that music would one day become her profession. It was always her stress buster, her go to activity and something she truly loved. But life never gives us what we want, instead gives us exactly what we need and Mahima ended up being music teacher, a professional choice she feels truly grateful for.
She finds inspiration for her music in her guru, whom she considers a coach for not only music but also life. She believes that she gets her spirit of never giving up from her mother, who stood like a rock beside her in her years of struggle. Mahima says that music has changed her life for the better. Her music keeps her happy, despite the plethora of challenges she faces every day.

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