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K Sethuramalingam

Art & Craft Teacher (English, Tamil)


K Sethuramalingam finished his Bachelors in Fine Arts with a specialization in Sculpture from the Government College of Arts and Crafts in Chennai. He has over two decades of experience in teaching Art, Craft, and Painting to kids. He holds expertise in multi dimensional art fields including painting, sculpture, graphic designing, animation, art direction and photography.

In a span of over two decades of working in the field of art and craft K Sethuramalingam has been associated with varied creative projects like cartoon films for children, short stories, sculpting for interior decorators, and feature films.
Not only art and craft, but other forms of art have had a major influence on K Sethuramalingam and have shaped his understanding and approach towards art. He is equally fond of music and loves to play several musical instruments. He believes that he has received the flair for art from his forefathers who were musicians.
K Sethuramalingam has been involved in the field of art since his very childhood. He took to drawing back when he was a school going kid, and growing up realized the extreme passion he felt for it. Owing to this passion he later took it up professionally.
Finding inspiration in his maternal uncle who is a photographer and a musician, Sethuramalingam has grown up in the midst of a great love for art. He finds an immense amount of happiness and contentment in his life as an artist and a teacher of art.

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