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Piano (English, Hindi)


Jitendra is a highly skilled Piano teacher with more than 3 years of teaching experience. He is an excellent communicator and time manager, dedicated to creating a stimulating and entertaining learning environment that inspires students to excel.

Jitendra's teaching methodology involves a comprehensive approach that covers the technical and creative aspects of playing the piano, starting with getting to know the keyboard, basic music theory, staff notations, scales, chords, and rhythm.

Jitendra is a certified as a pianist from AR Rehman Music Academy and holds a Diploma in Indian Classical music from Gwalior. He is passionate about teaching music and performing arts and is committed to helping his students achieve their full potential.
Jitendra's approach to teaching is to develop a positive and engaging learning environment that encourages students to explore and experiment with music. His dedication to his craft and love for music has earned him a reputation as an excellent mentor and teacher.

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