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Ekansh Mehta

Vocalist (English, Hindi)


Spiritually inclined, Ekansh is a multitalented instrumentalist and vocalist. With years of training in guitar, tabla and vocals, he understands Indian as well as Western music in all its nuances.

Ekansh has learnt music under the acclaimed Dr. Sucharita Gupta who has trained in the Shiddheshwari Devi Thumri Gharana. Ekansh’s discipline comes from his feeling of gratitude towards his field and art form, as his riyaz sessions begin early at 4 in the morning, while playing the guitar and the tabla give him a sense of empowerment.
Early every morning when Ekansh stands as the threshold of the terrace, bends down, touches the entrance, and brings it to his forehead, the birds perched on the railings wait in anticipation. The tranquility of the morning transcends into a sense of bliss as soon as his fingers touch the guitar. He is either a prodigy, a supremely gifted artist, or he is one of those storehouses of talent who work so hard that you are in awe of them the moment you shake hands with them.
Despite his many talents, the warmth that he greets you with, the childlike excitement that he shares his experiences with the children that he teaches with, the constant gratitude he expresses for he landed up in the world of music, makes you wonder. Wonder how such an amalgamation of virtue could reside in a single human.

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