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Deepti Mahapatra

Bollywood & Semi-Classical Dance (Hindi, English)


Deepti holds the Prabhakar certificate in classical dance. She represented the country at the International Dance Festival in Budapest, Hungary in 2017.

Dedicated to creating new choreography to integrate it with traditional dance forms, Deepti has a deep passion for dance which has led her to innovate and create individual training techniques and methods for her students. Having worked at various schools in Gwalior, she has an expertise in working with school going children. She has been the winner of the folk dance competition at youth festival at Jiwaji University, Gwalior for three years consecutively.
She likes thrill of the extreme kind. The adrenaline rush that comes with paragliding, river rafting, yes, adventure sports of all kind. She finds a similar excitement in cooking and baking.
Afraid to even step on the stage as a young kid, when her family encouraged her to exhibit her talent in the dance competitions during Durga Pooja, her life changed forever. What began as a desire of her family to watch her dance on stage, steadily turned into her passion.
She was advised to stop dancing for her teacher believed that she did not have it in her. It was in that moment that a true artist was born. Training under Alvi Hussain and becoming a professional dancer were offshoots of her determination to prove her teacher wrong. And, guess what, she did.

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