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Deep Gaur

Guitarist(English, Hindi)


Sangeet Prabhakar from Prayag Sangeet Samiti with a first division, Deep Gaur has completed the fourth grade at Trinity College, London with merit. Having featured in the popular television show called "The Kapil Sharma Show" for several episodes, he is on a perpetual quest to challenge and develop his skills as a musician.
Working with several pop music artists in the country, Deep's experience in music is varied. When asked why he chose music as a profession, he humbly says that it is the only thing he knows. That is the level of dedication of this guitarist, who is brimming with an undying love for music. Deep finds inspiration in the world of music from various sources, such as Victor Wooten for his techniques and John Mayer for his songwriting.
He finds inspiration in musicians from all over the world on many different levels. Deep's passion for music is such that challenges along the way do not seem like obstacles, but rather building blocks to a bright future ahead of him. The experience he has gained touring the world with his guitar has also added to his repertoire of knowledge. Deep is a true star in the making.

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