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Baljeet kaur

Art & Craft Teacher (English, Hindi, Punjabi)


The experience of eleven years training school-going kids in art and craft sets Baljeet Kaur apart. Her wide range of knowledge, rooted in everyday practice, is enhanced by her interactions with children of various ages. While all things creative excite Baljeet, she says that art is her soul.

She began creating art and craft as a hobby in school, and once she realized the satisfaction it brought her, pursuing it professionally became the natural next step. Baljeet didn't just dream of being an artist; she made sure to do everything that would bring her closer to her dream.

Its evident in the fact that her bachelor's, master's, and B.Ed degrees are all in the field of art. When she was a student, reading autobiographies of artists was an important part of her training. When she discovered Andre Breton's melting artwork paintings, her life changed forever. Breton became a constant inspiration and strengthened her faith in her art.

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