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Arun Agrawal

Astrologer (Hindi)


Practicing in the field of astrology for the last ten years, Arun holds deep knowledge of palmistry, architectural science, and astrology. A resident of Indore in Madhya Pradesh, he has a degree in law.

Arun is a truly spiritual being. When you ask him about his work, he begins to express gratitude profusely. Having read over 10,000 birth charts and patrikas, he has catered to individuals from a plethora of fields, from doctors to lawyers, from journalists to celebrities. His meditations in the field have given him a deep knowledge and experience.
With his dedication to the spiritual field of astrology, Arun finds happiness in people and music. He loves to acquaint himself with new cultures. Even as his father was an engineer by profession, he had a wholesome knowledge of astrology. Every time people came to him to have their birth charts read, Arun would keep watching his father read with curiosity. With time the curiosity transformed into a genuine interest in the field, and prompted him to take it up as a profession.
Arun is as beautiful a human being as he is knowledgeable. His interest in astrology, and his passion for spirituality make his stand out, as ardently believes that is knowledge of astrology helps people in distress. A pure soul to the core.

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