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Arpit Richhariya

Guitarist (Hindi, English)


Adept at composing and arranging music, Arpit has passed grade six and grade eight from Trinity College, London. He has an advanced diploma in contemporary music from the Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music in Chennai and has been teaching the guitar for seven years.

Arpit has always been an artist, inclined towards all that that appeals to the heart. Back in school his sketches and paintings used to be a favourite with his classmates and teachers. His love for travel emanates from the inspiration he draws from nature for the music that he creates. Every time he visits the mountains, the cool breeze atop a hill as he looks down into the depth of the valley carries to him melodies he can later work on.
Preparing for entrance exams in school the pressure grew so much that Arpit began to learn to play the piano which helped develop his interest in music further. The journey into the world of music did not stop there. Later in college he learnt to play the guitar and went on to play for his college band. Moving to Delhi and taking professional training in music from maestros of the field changed his life forever. A hobby that he indulged in, to beat exam stress turned into a passion that continues to give meaning to his life.
Music has always acted like a motivation for Arpit. It allows him to travel, soak in the beauty of places never visited before, meet new people and work in a field that does not feel like work to him.

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