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Anuja Rusiya

Painting Teacher (Hindi, English)


An alumnus of the National Institute of Fashion Technology in New Delhi, Anuja began working in the field of art and design right after her graduation. Anuja’s expertise lies in water colour paintings.

Anuja has been an art enthusiast ever since she was a kid. Back in school the SUPW classes would be one of her favourite classes since they gave her the opportunity to not only sketch and paint, but to try her hand at paper craft also. The artist in her received a boost when she discovered water colours and acrylic paints. Later in college when she encountered pencils, chalks and ink as a medium to make art during her time as a fashion illustration student, her life changed.
Despite working in the field of fashion for more than ten years, Anuja moved to art for she finds it meditative while it makes her feel whole. She takes inspiration from nature and over the years she has developed her own style of painting that emanates from the diverse forms of inspiration that she finds in the world around her.
Full of live and a passionate energy for her art, Anuja enjoys listening to music. She believes it to be like a balm to her soul that helps her delve deep into the world of her imagination as she reproduces it on the canvas with the strokes of her brush.

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