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Ankita Mehrotra

Bharatnatyam & Bollywood Dance (English, Hindi)


A dance teacher, a choreographer, and a theatre artist, Ankita is training in classical dance from Banaras Hindu University.
A versatile artist and a multifaceted individual, Ankita’s talents go beyond the realm of conventional definitions. When it comes to dance, nothing can hold her back. With a hope to establish herself in the field of Dance in Varanasi, still in her early twenties, her talent, her skill, are at par with professionals working in the field for years. What really stands out is the dedication that she dances with. She believes to have found her calling in dance.
Away from the hustle-bustle of life in the city, time with herself and her art always gives her the opportunity to discover her own thoughts. And every time she thinks of dance, the sole realization that nothing gives her the amount of happiness that Bharatnatyam does, dawns upon her. Grace of God she says.
Ankita’s belief in simplicity makes for the core of her life, and her dance practice. Back when after school she was still figuring out what she wanted to do with life, she continued to learn through that experience too. That’s the spirit that this woman who is as brilliant a dancer as she is a person operates with.

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