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Amit Agarwal

Guitarist, Keyboardist (Hindi)


Amit has been practicing and teaching the guitar and the keyboard for over ten years. He holds a Sangeet Visharad in guitar, along with a Junior Diploma Final in guitar and keyboard and a Senior Diploma in western guitar from Sarbabhartiya Sangeet-O-Sanskriti Parishad.

Pursuing a three year degree in vocal music from Tansen Sangeet Mahavidyalaya, Amit began teaching guitar and keyboard in 2010. Amit has an expertise in designing curricula for music as well as organizing large scale music festivals. He is as brilliant a performer as he is a teacher, having performed across the country for corporate events.
Amit has a passion for music that is absolutely unmatched. Even in his free time he enjoys singing, listening to music, playing music. A true example of passion turning into profession and one not having to work a single day in life.
Back when he was a kid he would often observe his father singing and playing the keyboard. The fascination that developed then turned into love for music later in life, leading the way to a career in music. But Amit had to face his own ups and down. After college, he began working in the banking sector. The job was tough and stressful. Amit continued to feel a lack, a lack that he could neither describe nor fathom. It was at this point that he quit his job and entered the world of music. A decision that changed his life forever.

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