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Akshay Bodane

Piano, Keyboard (English, Hindi)


Akshay has been interested in music since childhood and used to play the keyboard and harmonium in various school festivals. He completed his studies in Western classical music up to the 7th grade with Trinity School of Music in London.

In addition to his interest in Western classical music, Akshay also has a strong foundation in Indian classical music, having studied it for two years. He has over seven to 8 years of teaching experience in various educational institutes, as well as online Piano lessons.

In addition to the piano, Akshay is proficient in playing other Instruments such as the guitar, pianica, harmonium, drums, congo, and dholak. He has also performed live shows and worked as a pianist in the Piano Project Club in Indore. Akshay is also interested in music production and has worked on a short movie called "Pablo," which is currently streaming on Hotstar.

He has also composed a song for a local news channel in Indore in response to the pandemic situation.
In summary, Akshay is both a musician by passion and profession, and is eager to work and mentor others in the industry. He is currently working for Yamaha as a keyboard tutor in the music education department.

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