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Why Is Flute the Best Instrument to Learn for Beginners?

Einstein once said, “Life without playing music is inconceivable to me. I live my daydreams in music. I see my life in terms of music…I get most joy in life out of music”. Turns out, the man was right. Life without music really is inconceivable.

In this day and age where our lives are in a constant ‘2X speed’ mode, it is essential that we take some time out every now and then to breathe and just work on ourselves. Engaging in mindful activities such as meditation, reading or art can do wonders to relieve you of the stress that you are so regularly exposed to.

Music has the same effect on your mind too and this article explores why learning an instrument should be the next ‘To Do’ task on your list.

Most of us recall our parents pushing us for music classes when we were younger, be it singing, dancing, or learning an instrument. While many of us may have unwillingly trotted along to these classes because we would rather have spent that time playing with our friends, we’re here to tell you now why we should really be making music more seriously because of the numerous benefits it offers.

For starters, learning to play an instrument or music for that matter has the ability to calm our minds and relieve our stress. Devoting time to engage in this activity will help you to gain more control over your stressful thoughts in time.

Patience and confidence are two other skills you will pick up as you train yourself in the instrument. While learning how to play an instrument from scratch may seem like a daunting task, take that first step.

Yes, you may fall down several times along the way but with each time that you pick yourself up and push yourself harder, the sweeter will be the sense of achievement you feel at the end of your journey.

Flute - the best instrument for beginners

For beginners who are starting out on their journey into the music world and are wondering which instrument to take up, we’ve got your back. While it’s totally up to you to decide which one you wish to start with, we’re here to share with you why the flute is a great instrument for beginners.

Getting your finger placements and breath right are the two key steps to master the Flute. There are different kinds of flutes available so it would be helpful for you to interact with your instructors beforehand to get prior knowledge of the kind of instrument you will be training with.

Health Benefits Of Playing Flute

Being a wind instrument, you will engage in a lot of breathing exercises to control your breathing movements while playing it. This will help you to regulate your breathing over time. Playing this instrument requires good body coordination especially with your hands, eyes, and mouth.

While this may be a little tricky to master in the beginning, you’ll get better with practice so don’t give up! Like any other instrument out there, training how to play the flute will help to cultivate a sense of confidence and discipline in you over time. You will begin to respect the art and understand its depth and beauty as you spend more time in it.

Spiritual Awareness Through Flute

Playing the instrument also helps to increase your spiritual awareness and here’s how. Playing the instrument will help to improve the energy flow in your body and this leads to the spiritual awakening of the soul.

When you are passionate about playing the flute, you will be able to discover a higher level of connection in the realm of spirit.

This will bring you more peace and harmony to your thoughts and feelings.

People who have played the instrument have shared their experiences on how it helped them heal and get over the painful thoughts that have struggled with. But take note, achieving this level of connection with your instrument requires a great deal of practice and above all, patience too so is ready to put in that extra time when required.

Flute Music For Meditation

Playing the flute has been linked to mediation too. The breathing movements involved while playing the instrument is similar to the 'pranayama' breathing movements during meditation.

So for those of you looking for a way to spruce things up your regular mediation sessions, adding a flute might perhaps be a fun idea!

One of the best parts of the flute is of course the fact that it’s a really versatile instrument and you won’t have to struggle to drag it around wherever you go like a violin or a guitar!

Flute Classes At Art Gharana

If you have read this far, we are hoping that we have managed to convince you why taking up the flute should definitely be on your ‘To Do’ list. At Art Gharana, we have specially crafted each one of our courses with utmost dedication and care to ensure that it caters to the requirements of our students.

The instructors onboard of our Gharana family are individuals with high levels of experience in both their respective arts as well as in the field of teaching so rest assured when we say that you are not getting anything short of quality education.

The best part of it all is of course that our classes are not restricted by geographical boundaries. We provide our sessions on an online platform so that you can take on your Art Gharana journey from anywhere around the world.

We also believe that there is no right age to begin learning so irrespective of how old you are, as long as you have that desire and fire within you to learn something new, you’re at the right place here with us.

We look forward to having you as a part of our family.

Happy Learning!

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