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Top 8 Interesting Classes for Kids at Art Gharana

Indian parents living abroad often find it difficult to indulge their kids in various extra-curricular and cultural activities. Either the platforms or opportunities are less or not sufficient enough to give them the right directions towards their dream.

With this in mind, we came up with Art Gharana -an online platform to help you & your kids learn & engage in dancing, singing, art & craft, and other musical activities that too from the comfort of the homes.

Though Art Gharana offers classes for all age groups, today we are especially focusing on the activities that are fun & entertaining for kids. So, without wasting any time let’s discuss the top 8 interesting online classes for kids at Art Gharana.

1. Painting- Art & Craft

Our online painting classes and art & craft classes for kids starts aged 4+ years. The courses cover Indian and Western painting styles and techniques, such as watercolor paintings, acrylic paintings, oil paintings, and more.

Our classes are designed to be engaging and interactive so kids can learn at their own pace and explore different mediums of expression. Parents looking for ways to encourage their children’s creativity can book a free art&craft trial class with Art Gharana.

2. Bollywood Dance

Bollywood craze is quite on head-on every generation and in each part of the world. Art Gharana Online Dance Classes provides Bollywood dance classes with detailed, stepwise videos to help kids learn this technique at home in just a few hours.

On top, our highly accomplished teachers’ help to learn about the basics to attract the audience and keep them engaged in watching the dance. Trainers are there to help the students in each way and make their learning journey engaging.

3. Bhangra

Art Gharana is the finest online dance school that provides online Bhangra dance classes for kids. We offer interactive, engaging, and fun-filled classes on bhangra with one-on-one lessons with our experts.

It’s easy to enroll and start learning with our online dance lessons. All you need is a smooth internet connection and your kid will be ready to rock the next gathering you are looking forward to.

4. Indian Classical Dance

Indian classical dances are known for their deep spiritual and emotional connection to their roots. The various styles of these dances, like Bharatnatyam, Kathak, have been handed down from generation to generation by oral traditions that date back thousands of years ago.

These Indian Classical Dance classes equip kids with knowledge about these ancient dance forms and also help them learn about India’s cultural heritage. The Indian classical dance classes offered by Art Gharana cover a variety of classical dances and are planned with both kids & adults in mind.

Our classes are conducted by experienced tutors who teach both solo and group lessons to kids through online video-conferencing facilities. Enroll in for a free trial class today

5. Indian Classical Vocals

The rich heritage of Indian classical music has resulted in it being taught more widely across the world than any other form of music today. It is popular not only amongst students but also among adults who are interested in learning this traditional form of singing.

Though, the best way to learn how to sing Indian classical vocal music is to get personal coaching from an expert Indian classical vocal trainer who has had years of training themselves, preferably under a traditional gurukul system.

However, not everyone may have this privilege or be able to attend these classes abroad or in India, so we have introduced a new way to learn singing through our online Indian classical vocal classes.

6. Western Vocals

If your child is fond of listening to a variety of western music, then you can enroll them in western vocals classes to obtain the knowledge of beats and turns. Our classes are offered online which means they can be taken anywhere in the world and can fit into any schedule.

7. Musical Instruments

Learning musical instruments is a valuable hobby that can help your child develop essential skills such as hand-eye coordination, creative expression, and discipline. We offer plenty of instruments-focused activities for your child like guitar, table, flute, piano, drums, beat-boxing, and many many more.

We have interactive programs for students of all ages. Reach out to us now for more details and to book a free trial class.

8. Hindi & Indian Culture

With the internet at our disposal, it has become easier to learn a new language. Many parents use our interactive online Hindi classes to help their children learn Hindi as a new language.

The benefits of our online courses are numerous. It can open up new opportunities and will be a source of lifelong learning and enjoyment for your kids.

Letting kids have fun & learn at their own pace

At Art Gharana, we take pride in celebrating the diverse culture and values imbibed in our rich Indian heritage. We constantly make an effort to promote the same among people so that they can also share in this joy of what it means to be an Indian.

We provide a platform for individuals to come to try their hands at a variety of activities from dancing, singing, painting, playing an instrument to learning about astrology.

We bring in the very best experts to teach you so that you can leave with an experience of a lifetime.

All our courses are online and they have been meticulously designed to ensure that kids not only learn a great deal from them, but also have an insane amount of fun while they are at it. So go ahead and book a free trial class today!

We look forward to having you as a part of our Gharana.

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