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Recognized Benefits Of Learning to Play Piano

Learning to play 'Piano' is one of the most beneficial and satisfying skills you can pick up. It is a skill that will provide enjoyment for years to come with plenty of benefits including cognitive, physical, social, and emotional benefits.

It is a wonderful instrument that can be mastered by both kids and adults. In fact, piano lessons for adults have been found to help them with memory improvement, and provide the same benefits as children do, including increased self-confidence and mood.

If you are still unsure about signing up for piano lessons, read on to check out some of the long-term benefits you & your kid can expect to reap.

Benefits of Playing Piano

1. Improved Brain Capacity & Cognitive Skills

Playing the piano will make you smarter, no matter whether you are a child or an adult. According to a study, you can increase your brain's ability to think better by playing the piano.

2. Better Short & Long Term Memory Functions

As we age, the ability to process signals from the brain starts to weaken. A recent study reveals that piano lessons enhance the memory of older adults. Children who have taken piano lessons regularly could remember twenty percent more vocabulary words than their fellows.

3. Improved Listening & Hearing Skills

Taking piano lessons will make you a good listener. You can also improve the ability to interpret the emotions of others.

4. Enhanced Understanding of Mathematics

Research suggests that children who play musical instruments improve academically with higher grades. The piano players especially perform better in mathematical ratios and fractions.

5. Accelerated Language Skills

Most times it takes a long time to learn a new language. Playing the piano can also help develop new language skills.

While playing on the piano, children become more aware of pitch differences, which is crucial in learning to speak and sound out words when reading.

6. Improved Reading Comprehension

A 1993's study conducted by the Educational Psychology Journal revealed that playing the piano will improve reading comprehension

7. Stimulates Creativity

While monitoring the brain activity of some jazz pianists, Dr. Ana Pinho at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm found that when jazz pianists are playing, their improvisation ability is creating unique, original sound and style.

8. Better Time Management & Organization

Playing piano and other instruments needs practice. Routine practice helps you to reserve regular time for things that matter.

9. Improved Concentration, Discipline, and Patience

When you play the piano, your eyes read the music, your hands move in separate directions, your fingers press multiple keys and your feet press the pedals, all at once. There is no activity like this, which simultaneously activates all areas of your brain. This helps to increase your concentration and multi-tasking skills.

Learning new songs on the piano helps children to learn patience and increase perseverance. Practicing the piano regularly also requires discipline.

10. Better Hand-to-Eye Coordination

Playing the piano is a perfect exercise for your fingers. While playing the piano, according to the instructions of your brain, your right, and left hands will play different notes at the same time, following different rhythms and moving in opposite directions. This will help you to develop better eye-hand coordination.

11. Better Rhythm & Coordination

According to the academic journal, Psychology of Music, "Children exposed to a multi-year program of music tuition involving training in increasingly complex rhythmic, tonal, and practical skills display superior cognitive performance in reading skills compared with their non-musically trained peers."

12. Improved Self-Esteem

Playing the piano enables you to increase your confidence.

13. Better Social Skills

Playing the piano takes you out of the virtual screen into the real world. It helps to make contact with other real people, like your teachers, other students and when you play music for others, - your audience.

14. Enhanced Health

Even though you're sitting down, playing the piano is equivalent to a full-body brain workout. It offers various physical and physiological advantages to people of all ages. A study by the University of Miami shows that older adults who take lessons experience increased levels of HgH, a human health hormone that slows the aging process.

15. Increased Cultural Knowledge

Music is a universal language. Through learning and playing music, you can meet new friends and experience new cultures.

Join Online Piano Classes At Art Gharana

Whether you're a child or an adult, there are many reasons to learn piano. You can book a free trial class at Art Gharana.

The instructors onboard of our Gharana family are individuals with high levels of experience in both their respective arts as well as in the field of teaching so rest assured when we say that you are not getting anything short of quality education.

The best part of it all is of course that our classes are not restricted by geographical boundaries. We provide our sessions on an online platform so that you can take on your Art Gharana journey from anywhere around the world.

We also believe that there is no right age to begin learning so irrespective of how old you are, as long as you have that desire and fire within you to learn something new, you’re at the right place here with us.

We look forward to having you as a part of our family.

Happy Learning!

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