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How Playing Guitar Can Boost Your Mental and Physical Health?

Do you know how people say that ‘Music has the power to heal’? If you’ve always scratched your head in disbelief at this, here’s something that’s going to change your thoughts. Yes, it’s true.

Studies have shown that playing an instrument can have considerable effects on your mental and physical health so perhaps, it’s time you picked up that old guitar lying around at home and get started with some classes? If you’re still in need of a little more persuasion, we got it covered. Read on to know more about why learning a guitar can be really beneficial for you.

The Effects Of Playing The Guitar

1. A Great Stress-Buster

Juggling between a hectic work schedule, projects, and deadlines while trying to lead a sane life in today’s times might come across as quite nerve-wracking. This makes it all the more necessary for you to take some time out of your busy schedule for some self-care and one of the easiest and fun ways to do so is by playing the guitar.

The Berklee College of Music in Boston put forward the findings of one of their research which shows that “that making music can lower blood pressure, decrease heart rate, reduce stress, and lessen anxiety and depression. There is also increasing evidence that making music enhances the immunological response, which enables us to fight viruses.”

2. Lifts Your Mood

Engaging in something creative is often suggested as a form of therapy as it helps the individual to channel their emotions and feelings into the activity and they often end up feeling much better at the end of it. This holds true for playing an instrument too when you play the guitar.

The sounds and vibrations from the instrument will help to make you feel calmer and more relaxed over time. This might take some time for you to be able to feel the difference but with practice and a little patience, you will soon fall into the habit of playing a tune whenever you are down.

3. A Work-Out For The Brain

While we hit the gym or opt for workout videos online to keep ourselves in shape, it is equally important to make a similar effort for our mental health too. Studies prove that playing the guitar improves long-term memory recall, jump-starts creativity, and hand-eye coordination.So let’s pick up that guitar and give our brain some good workout, shall we?

4. It Is Good For The Heart

Now that we have covered why playing the guitar is great for your brain, let’s come to the next most important part of the body, the heart. Avoiding the regular consumption of oily and fatty food is common advice that we hear to promote cardiac health. But did you know that there are several other ways to give that heart of yours an extra pump of wellness?

A study conducted by a group of researchers in the Netherlands pointed out the link between music and heart health. They studied three guitarists and found that each patient who practiced for over 100 minutes a day showed a significant drop in blood pressure and a lower heart rate compared to those who didn’t! So if you’re in a hectic workplace, perhaps taking some time off once in a while to play an instrument might do you some great help! Also, we’re sure your workmates would love a music treat!

5. Helps Improve Creativity

Let’s accept it. We’ve all hit a block once in a while when we are attempting to write an essay or complete a project because we are unable to think of great ideas for it. Instead of giving in to your frustration at that point, why don’t you throw in a guitar and see if that works? Confused?

When you hit a mental brick wall, your mind is waiting for that ‘push’ so that it can get back to the task at hand. For some people, taking a walk or run to rejuvenate themselves may do the trick to think more clearly and get past this obstacle. But here’s another option. The next time you’re stuck, noodle around your guitar for some time and see if that works as it could create a space in your brain for an inspired idea to drop in!

6. Boosts Confidence

We understand that it might start off rough when you first learn how to play the guitar. But the key is to make sure you don’t stop halfway. Keep pushing and motivating yourself to learn a piece completely because trust us, once you are done, the sense of accomplishment that will hit you will totally be worth all the hard work. This satisfaction and happiness at knowing that you were able to complete a hard task you had set out for are sure to boost your confidence too.

The more you practice, the better you get at it, and soon, you will see people appreciating your work and that is bound to bring a smile to your face. After all, who doesn’t love a compliment and a pat on the back once in a while!

7. Building A Support System

When you start to enjoy playing an instrument, you will also enjoy the company of like-minded artists. Spending time with them and building friendships will help to improve your mental health as well as your social life. So go ahead and connect with those artists out there, plan a jam sometime together and have some great fun!

8. It Enables You To Express Your Feelings

Music is a form of communication that does not require a verbal exchange. Some things are just best understood when expressed in other ways and music does just that. When you are a shy person, you may realize that expressing your feelings and thoughts through playing an instrument comes across as easier than verbally speaking out about them. We can understand this better by looking at some of the successful artists around us. These are individuals who have channeled their inner feelings and emotions into their work and people who listen to them often feel a connection as they are able to understand the true meaning behind it.

Learn To Play Guitar Online

So there you go, we hope you are convinced enough on why playing an instrument can help you in the long run. Apart from improving your mental and physical health, it will also be cool for you to flex your guitar skills in front of a crowd when the time comes!

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Happy learning!

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