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Best Musical Instruments That People Above 50 Can Easily Learn!

You toiled away for years during your youth so that you could make a better life for yourself and your family. You made countless sacrifices to get to where you always dreamt of and surpassed each obstacle that was thrown in your way with a never-faltering sense of determination and resilience.

Now finally, you have reached that period where you can slow down and take out more time from your daily life to pursue hobbies that you always wanted to pick up.

The retirement period is the perfect opportunity for you to take up hobbies and other interests that you had always wanted to but could not due to the several responsibilities that you had to shoulder when you were younger.

Lucky for you, hobbies, especially music, knows no age so you can be a part of it irrespective of how old you are, as long as you have the desire and interest to learn new things.

Below, we have made a short note on some of the instruments that you will certainly find interesting to learn and hopefully, have a ton of fun while you are at it too!


The piano is one of the most popular and versatile instruments out there.

Learning the piano will enable you to play different melodies over time and the sense of achievement you will feel at the end of each successful piece is sure to overwhelm you.

The keys are fairly easy to learn. Good hand-eye coordination is the main prerequisite to master the instrument. While playing with both hands may seem a little difficult at first and you may even struggle with coordination, trust us, you will definitely get better with practice!

Dedication and practice are what will go a long way to help you learn the instrument so don’t give up just yet!

If the piano does seem a little difficult for you to grasp at the beginning, you can also opt for the keyboard. There are lesser keys on the keyboard and they are much easier to use. So, you can practice on this first before you feel confident to use the piano.


This wind instrument is the perfect companion to take along for some musical fun on a trip.

Besides being lightweight, the harmonica is also fairly easy to master.

Since playing this instrument requires a good lung capacity, we encourage you to consult your physician first before taking it up.

It is also believed that playing the harmonica regularly can prevent strokes or paralysis among seniors. Some hospitals in the USA are even starting their own harmonica bands to help patients with reduced lung capacity and other respiratory issues.


The guitar is one of our favorites on the list simply because of how ‘cool’ the instrument is considered to be.

There are plenty of options available too: from electric to acoustic, classical to bass, all provide different sounds and styles.

The first task while learning the instrument is to understand the basic chords and scales.

Once you are done with this step, you will be able to focus on hand-eye coordination. This will be a little challenging as getting a hang of those strings will seem a little tricky but over time, with good practice, you will be able to play different songs with better ease.

If the guitar doesn’t seem like your thing, you could perhaps switch to the Ukulele. This instrument is inexpensive and is easy to carry around just like the guitar. The ukulele has four strings (usually made from a soft nylon-like material) compared to the guitar’s six.  It’s considerably smaller with a thinner neck, making it ideal for those with smaller hands.


Here’s another wind instrument that had made it to the list.

This is one of the earliest instruments to have been discovered by man.

As intimidating as it may look, the flute is actually not very hard to master if you show a little perseverance.

One of the best parts of the instrument is that it can be used in different ensembles such as concert and jazz bands, orchestra, wind bands, pit orchestra, flute choirs, military bands, and more.

It also offers several health benefits, promoting good posture, proper and healthy breathing, core strength and control, and finger dexterity being some of the important ones.  

Learn Instruments At Art Gharana

Out of the several instruments out there, we just picked a few out for you in the list above so that it makes it easier for you to decide which one to finally take up.

But, you can always choose to pick an instrument other than the ones we have mentioned too as there should absolutely be nothing stopping you from pursuing your interest!

Playing an instrument is a very productive activity especially when you are at your retirement age where you have more time in hand.

Apart from picking up on a new skill, there are several other health benefits that music offers, one of the most notable ones being that it acts as a great stress-buster. Listening and playing music will help to calm you down and bring your mind to a lighter mood. Engaging in practice sessions regularly will help you to appreciate music and its several benefits.

At Art Gharana, we offer classes on a wide range of instruments, both western and classical. Our classes are designed keeping your interests in mind to ensure that you are able to make the most of our sessions without feeling the burden of learning.

One of the best parts of our sessions is that they are conducted in an online mode so you can attend them from anywhere around the world! We believe that there is no right age to pick up the music so as long as you have got the hunger to learn, we are right here to help you along your musical journey.

Book your free demo session today so you can get an idea of how our classes are conducted!

Happy learning.

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