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5 benefits you can avail when you join online hobby classes at Art Gharana

Online classes are currently the trend of the day. They have increased in popularity over the last few years, especially for those who are looking to improve their skill sets.

The key benefit of online classes is that you can take them at your own pace and select from a variety of programs. This also means that you can now engage in music, dance, instruments, or art-craft right from the comfort of your home.

Presenting Art Gharana, a premier online learning platform to master various art forms right under one roof. Art Gharana has made learning fun and engaging for hundreds of students around the world.

Is Art Gharana the right platform to join?

We offer one-on-one & group lessons in piano, guitar, ukulele, flute, tabla, drums, dhol, Indian classical vocal, western vocals, bharatnatyam, kathak, bollywood Dance, art & craft, and many many more.

We are amongst the few online platforms to offer all these activities under one roof and for all age groups, making it possible for both parents & kids to start their learning journey together.

Excellent & experienced teachers, outstanding teaching techniques and the convenience of having all under one roof are a few of the many reasons why parents choose our platform.

If you are still not sure, you can read more about the benefits of becoming an Art Gharana student.

(If you wish to join Art Gharana, don’t forget to book your free trial class-at

Benefits of becoming an Art Gharana student

1. Free Trial Class

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to gain the information they need to make a great choice. That’s why we offer a free trial class to everyone who wants to find out more about our platform.

Feel free to book yourself one at

2. Classes for all Age Groups (Kids- Adults-Seniors)

Music and dance, in our opinion, are necessities in life. It's never too early or too late to take them- the benefits are lifelong. Art Gharana makes sure no matter what your age or background if you want to learn and grow, our platform is there for you.

3. Highly Trained & Experienced Teachers

It’s very important in any online class to have an inspiring teacher who can keep the class fun, and at the same time help, students make good progress each week with outstanding instruction and innovative methods.

We have meticulously selected these teachers on our platform having years of experience and additional training in their areas.

4. Flexible OPTIONS ~ Choose between Group or Private Lessons

At Art Gharana, we offer the opportunity to learn individually with experienced teachers. This is an excellent way to learn fast while getting individual attention. At the same time, there are also group classes for parents and kids to join a hobby class together.

Not only does it help kids to learn something new with guidance from an expert, not just their parents. Parents can also benefit from this program by learning new things themselves.

5. All Activities Under One Roof

Art Gharana is one of the few online platforms to provide piano, keyboard, guitar, ukulele, flute, tabla, drums, dhol, Indian classical vocal, Western Vocals, Bharatnatyam, Kathak, Bollywood Dance, Art & Craft classes together under one roof.

You can join a free trial class for each of them at

Many reasons why Art Gharana is the right place

If you have read this far, we are hoping that we have managed to convince you why joining Art Gharana classes to be on your ‘To Do’ list. At Art Gharana, we have specially crafted each one of our courses with utmost dedication and care to ensure that it caters to the requirements of our students.

The instructors onboard of our Gharana family are individuals with high levels of experience in both their respective arts as well as in the field of teaching so rest assured when we say that you are not getting anything short of quality education.

The best part of it all is of course that our classes are not restricted by geographical boundaries. We provide our sessions on an online platform so that you can take on your Art Gharana journey from anywhere around the world.

We also believe that there is no right age to begin learning so irrespective of how old you are, as long as you have that desire and fire within you to learn something new, you’re at the right place here with us.

We look forward to having you as a part of our family.

Happy Learning!

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