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10 Best Things To Do On Senior Citizens Day 2021

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They might be a little older, a little greyer and a little wiser, but that doesn’t stop the inner child in them from wanting to goof around at times and have a little fun. This senior citizen’s day, here are a few activities that you can plan out to get your elders to have fun and celebrate that inner child in them.

Make Them Dinner

Sometimes it’s the simplest things that give the most joy. You do not have to go all the way out and resort to grand gestures to impress your elders and make them feel happy. Getting them to be a part of simple activities such as preparing a nice dinner for them will also bring a smile on their faces.

What they look for is love and affection from their own people. Find out food items they like best and try your hand at the kitchen to make them. If you can’t cook it, nobody’s going to judge. You still have the option to order in!

Have them sit down for the meal and ensure you keep all your phones and other distractions away to spend quality time with them. In fact, this shouldn’t be a practice that should be restricted to just Senior citizen’s day.

Engage in conversations by sharing details from your life (which they are sure to be interested in!) and also ask them to share their own memories. Having them smile and reminisce over their early years will not bring them happiness, but is sure to melt the hearts of the listeners too.

Encourage Learning

There is no right age to learn something new as long as you have the interest to make an effort to be a part of the learning process.

Encourage your seniors to take part in activities and classes that might interest them be it cooking, learning to play an instrument or singing! Engaging in these lessons will help them to learn a new skill and also have fun during their learning process!

Engage In Art & Craft

If your seniors are up to get their hands a little dirty with artwork, bring out the paint and brushes already! Art has the power to create a feeling of happiness in the people who engage in it and when you spend time with them, you are sure to create a strong bond with them.

You don’t need to work on huge canvases to create Picasso level paintings, you can work on small craft work too. The important thing here is that all of you have fun while doing the activity.

Making a photo album is a great activity that you can definitely try out under craft work. Though you can easily buy photo albums from a store nowadays, making an entire album from scratch gives you a feeling like satisfaction and happiness like no other.

Hunting down for their old photos might be a little tricky but ask around your relatives for copies they would have and create the album. Trust us, when your elders will see the take a finished look at their life sketched out in the album, there is a good chance they’re going to well up. (You too!)

Play Games

As your seniors grow older, it becomes all the more important to have them to take part in activities that will boost their mental and physical stimuli so that they remain healthy. Take part in games with them which does not cause an over-exertion on them.

These do not necessarily have to be intensive sport, but can also be board games that you can play at home too. Get them engaged in such games as it helps them to get rid of the boredom they may feel when they engage in the same daily schedule every day.

Get Them Acquainted with Technology

Now this one may be a little tricky especially if your elders are not accustomed to using mobile phones or other electronic devices. Start with the very basics and teach them how to use these electronic devices.

When you teach them how technology makes things certain easier, such as being able to meet a relative who lives in another country through video calls or how they can order their groceries online if they do not wish to go out that day, they will definitely be interested to know more about it.

The important thing to keep in mind over here is that they are bound to get overwhelmed and confused when they first start out so be patient when you teach them.

Always remember. that before you learnt how to use electronic devices or learn anything new, somebody had to teach you with the same patience and answer the same doubts you must have had over and over again till you got a hang of it.

Take Them for an Outing

When your seniors feel too lethargic and cooped up at home, plan an outing with them. Take them out to a local tourist attraction such as the gardens or a park or even for a shopping spree! We’re sure they would love to be able to spend time outside with you and will have great fun while they are at it too.

You could also schedule a picnic with all your family members when they are free as the more, the merrier!

Watch A Movie Together

Old is gold. Pick out a movie that your seniors may have loved when they were younger and watch it together with them. Don’t be under the assumption that you won’t have fun because the movie may just prove you wrong and win your heart too!

If you know of movies that were recently released and which you think your seniors might enjoy, you could watch those too. So,grab some popcorn, get comfortable cushions and let the picture begin!

Stay Fit Together

Staying physically fit and healthy is vital to mental health too. Take your seniors out for regular walks at the local park or anywhere else where they are comfortable with. Getting some fresh air and taking part in a physical activity will not only do them good, but you too!

The time you spend together and the numerous conversations you will engage in while you are out with them are going to be memories you will cherish for a lifetime!

Gardening, Bird-Watching or Star Gazing

One of the best activities you can be a part of outdoors with your seniors is to be with nature. Take part in gardening, star gazing, bird watching or other activities where you get to appreciate nature and its wonders.

Gardening is a very rewarding activity to engage in. Taking the time out to prepare the plants and the garden and ensuring its proper maintenance on a regular basis takes a lot of patience and effort.

But if you pursue this activity for a certain period of time, you will soon start to reap its benefits. The flowers or fruits that will grow on your plants after you have taken good care of them will leave you feeling satisfied and happy with your efforts.

Bird-watching and star-gazing are activities that perhaps do not require as much as gardening but they are bound to make you feel pleasant in the end. The time you share with your seniors during this activity is what is most important.

Enroll Them to Art Gharana Activity Sessions

At Art Gharana, we strongly believe that there is no right age to learn something new. As long as you have the fire and interest within you to start your journey on a new path, you are at the right place with us.

We offer classes on a wide range of activities that we are sure the seniors will love to be a part of. We have courses on different musical instruments, various dance forms, singing, astrology and more.

Our gurus have years of experience and they are well-equipped to tutor individuals of all age groups so that everyone can have a great learning experience with us at Art Gharana.

Check out the various courses we offer and book your free demo session with us today. We look forward to having you as a part of our family.

Happy Learning

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